The Complexity of Suicide: …

The Complexity of Suicide: Sometimes a person can only handle so much pain that they suffer daily  without anyone knowing because they hide that pain behind a smile, saying “I’m Fine”. The worst thing someone can do is to know about this pain and ignore it, walk away and not care. We all have our […]


This whole “life” thing would’ve been a lot easier, for me and everyone else, if only my parents had kept paint-stripper under the kitchen sink instead of premium Polish vodka. At least that’s what I tell myself I was looking for all those years ago. I love the smell of paint-stripper. Vodka is a stripper in it’s own right. Here […]

Running to Stand Still

I’m exhausted.  I haven’t really done anything but I’m exhausted.  Merely existing wears me out.  I’m done, empty, finished.  Nothing left to give.  The well has run dry.  I have been sick for so long now I don’t even remember what it feels like to feel well.  To even just feel ok.  Every day.  From […]

“Just Talk”: the Limits of Tackling Stigma

Stigma is a huge issue when it comes to mental health, but it’s not an issue which is uniform or which can be tackled simply by talking as much as possible. We need good talk. A diversity of voices, telling their stories, calling out the bullshit, recognising the fallibility of our own beliefs, understanding that not everything can be explained, and that sometimes the invocation to ‘just talk’ can hurt more people than it helps.

Know Anyone Going Through A Rough Time?

Are they angry? Depressed? Worried? Did their doctor get them addicted to pain killers? Alcoholic? Arrested? Lose someone they love? Share with them this phone number and web address to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are there to listen. 1 (800) 273-8255. Website: […]

Understanding the Incomprehensible

Within a few weeks of starting middle school, a sixth-grader in my son’s class died by suicide. The principal, who was also new to that middle school, acted swiftly and appropriately to the crisis. His communications to the school community contained information about how to talk to one’s child about the event and how grief […]