Toxic love. The beginning.

She is in detox, I am in a men’s shelter. I spent our rent money on drugs, a storage unit and a months rent in this place. I was the one who injected her with meth in the first place. I gave her my demon, in a sense you could say I murdered her. We […]

Remembering the Pain.

Seems so easy to forget the bad shit once good things start happening. Its like our lives take this never imagined change and we fall into a blissful new reality. As days pass and we begin to regain what was once lost, our past seems further away. So far, our brains kind of forget. It […]

Feedback: Opiate Blocker Shows Promise In Helping Addicts

Story Published: Jan 21, 2016 at 5:24 PM EST Story Updated: Jan 22, 2016 at 11:51 AM EST A dozen people in Jefferson County died from heroin overdoses last year. Some studies show very promising signs of Vivitrol helping addiction victims, but experts say this drug isn’t the only tool recovering addicts need. […]

Everything is relative

Firstly, I’d like to apologise if I get rather irritated while writing this post. I have spent a lot of time chasing after the best this, or the perfect that… Yet in truth, aren’t everything relative? Indeed, certain things are made fit for the job, thus “more suitable” than any other thing. I mentioned previously […]

Study shows the role of social identity in Addiction and Recovery

Researchers have recently published a study that supports the idea that social identity loss/gain informs both Addiction and Recovery. This study (it’s called Social Identities as Pathways into and out of Addiction) indicated that people slip into addiction as part of either an indemnity loss or an identity gain. The reverse is also true for […]

A mirror is THE MOST effective tool to help an addict

“Let me get this straight,” I said to the clueless man that stared at me with confusion lacing his eyes. “You want your granddaughter to quit smoking pot, know that when she gets pissed off she’s more likely to smoke, and then get pissed at her for smoking pot?” The circularity of his actions towards […]