Not Lost

There are no words, only particles of faith that slip between my fingers as the wind blows against my window. There are no giddy heights to fall from. No sentiments that can ease a bruised soul. There is, however, a sense of beauty that few these days seem to be in possession of. How […]

Yellow Cracked Walls

These yellow cracked walls  have been my  Home for many moons.  In this time,  I have come to understand their purpose  to be far more than  primitive to shelter.  These yellow cracked walls  beguil their inmates:  their will to hope falling  through the sieve of despair  like fine sand.  These yellow cracked walls  benefit their […]

“He only wants to get you out of your mind”…

~ The drink in her hand… Her back against the wall… He pins her so robustly… Her defences quickly fall… Her head feels so light… Her world begins to spin… Her legs turn to jelly… As she breathes him all in… She knows it’s not right… But doesn’t really care… She wants him to touch […]