Anxiety is

Anxiety is my 3yo niece biting her arm when she’s uncomfortable because she doesn’t know how to react Anxiety is my mom pulling her fingers through her hair until I hold her hand to stop her when she has too many things to do and not enough time Anxiety is my dad trying to close […]

A fire cant burn forever

The flames begin as bright rage a train wreck of rushing water through broken windpipes and out of tune voice boxes/ an endless series of darts thrown head on a fistful of promises and crushed violets an exposed wire knotting my arms into concrete force of bitter beginnings   but you know what they say […]

Queen of Nothing

I barely remember how the hues of December cast sepia waves through her hair. Those words she first uttered: out here there be monsters, seemed a plea, not a thing to beware. A quick realisation: she sailed a maelstrom mainlining a vein named despair. Lost within dreams of heroine queens, I drew heart-shaped clouds in […]

How can I heal my OCD and finally get the peace I want so badly?

What does the obsessive mind seek so desperately and so intensely? Certainty. The OCD mind desires to find something that is unchanging, consistent, and completely reliable; which will then clear all doubts forever. The very nature of form is that it is in a constant state of flux; as the body is decaying and thoughts […]

close your eyes.

Sharp slivers of words built up  From years of staying silent  Fill my mouth but stay trapped.  My hands are dirty  My knees scraped  By the brush I’ve been running through  Because the things that make other things  Go bump in the night  Chase after me and it’s still early.  “Come here, pretty one,”  They […]

Love is Tiring…

Love is Tiring  Coalescing into an ineffable infinity of serendipity evenings of peculiarity and fiery.  There have been times that I wanted to weep. Weep, angered that I ever met you.  A stone, yet I am patient as I gaze into your eyes.  Never understanding completely, your mind not pliable. Oh, this too, too, despoiled […]