Flicking through the covers Piece by piece Unfolds the Sour nature Of Disease. External reveals all Or nothing Simple Cover story Disgusting. To keep it under wraps Shows it all Invisible it seems A dry wall. The millions suffer In silence As the nation marvels At more cuts. No physical features To dissect So everything […]

close your eyes.

Sharp slivers of words built up  From years of staying silent  Fill my mouth but stay trapped.  My hands are dirty  My knees scraped  By the brush I’ve been running through  Because the things that make other things  Go bump in the night  Chase after me and it’s still early.  “Come here, pretty one,”  They […]

Monday, 8th February, 2016

A quick poem I wrote today, trying to express some of the anger and frustration and feeling of being lost that I am currently experiencing. A brief snapshot of me.  I’m Sick I’m sick of living on the borderline the line between “normal” and “diagnosable illness” I’m sick because I’m never bad enough, but never […]