I Thought I Was Different, I was Unique

Guest blogger, Rose Landes, joins us again with another inspiring and insightful blog post. This week, she explores the self perception of feeling different, lonely – especially as a young person struggling with addiction and how that changed to a feeling of belonging through the recovery community. Now a parent, this mom has a unique […]


Depressed Zombie Mom

I feel like I’m slowly drowning or suffocating in this new normal, which isn’t normal at all. Ada has had a bunch of lows over the last few days, so we have had to change dosages, test more, rest more (but sleep less). My house has been neglected, and my old nemesis–dirty dishes–is back […]


Understanding the Incomprehensible

Within a few weeks of starting middle school, a sixth-grader in my son’s class died by suicide. The principal, who was also new to that middle school, acted swiftly and appropriately to the crisis. His communications to the school community contained information about how to talk to one’s child about the event and how grief […]