A letter to my husband

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I picked fights over stupid shit. I’m sorry that I wasn’t my best self for you. I’m sorry that I would get upset when you wanted to go out.  I thought I was protecting you from a relapse but I was really just controlling you. I’m sorry I fought with […]


Alone on Planet 3

Though there are billions of us, I feel alone amongst all the noise, I hear silence all those wondering eyes, yet I am not seen Loneliness is my companion, who is always beside me In the biggest city or the smallest village, there is no one No home, no love, no pain, no fear, just […]


“Falling in and out of love with an addict”

I’ve been sat here pondering what I’m going to post about, stuck for words and ideas. Then my Spotify playlist starts playing “The Verve- Drug’s Don’t Work”, I love that song it has so many memories and feelings attached to it. So that’s when I decided to post about my experience of loving an addict. […]