Suicide. My journey to the end.

Life for me in my early twenties was like being inside a tumble dryer. I can’t describe it any better than that. It would always feel as if I had worked through one set of life problems only to have it all thrown back on top of me in an endless dry cycle. You’ve heard […]

things have gotten bad again:

my depression is at all time high lately…making me at an all time low. does that make sense? i’ve been getting high every night just to not have to deal with anything. everything has gone wrong in the last month or so. i’m failing my current class of organic chemistry, i’m working a lot, && […]

I Want to Spend My Friday Night Watching Netflix.

I’m an introvert and pretty shy. I will avoid hanging out with friends in public because I’d much rather be chilling at home. It’s not that I’m super socially awkward, I really just get tired when I have to socialize too much. It’s exhausting. Pretty much all my life I have liked to spend my […]

The Final Leap into Happiness

Blair Lewis in The Happiness Revolution says, “To make the final leap to happiness, all you have to do is accept your entire life, history, and habits.” Upon reading this my first thought was a sarcastic, “Gee, is that all?” That level of acceptance is no easy task. Although, it is a whole lot easier than […]

Be Brave! Even if you’re not, pretend to be.

Today is a rare day off work and I’m currently still in bed, dog curled up in the preferred doughnut formation beside me. Enjoyable at 9.20am – not so enjoyable at 3.30am when his resting place of choice is on my pillow – preferably without my presence. 🙂 Having pets and having anxiety is a […]

A fire cant burn forever

The flames begin as bright rage a train wreck of rushing water through broken windpipes and out of tune voice boxes/ an endless series of darts thrown head on a fistful of promises and crushed violets an exposed wire knotting my arms into concrete force of bitter beginnings   but you know what they say […]