Justifying Crazy: What I Haven’t Told Anyone About My Mental Illnesses

*This article may contain triggering content. Readers view at their own discretion.   It was at age fourteen, as we left the doctor’s office with a spare K10 test, a diagnosis of three mental illnesses, a referral to a psychologist and a prescription for Fluoxetine, that my parents said “it’s probably best to keep quiet about […]



So today I’ve been melancholy and fragile, wandering about like a shadow and trying really hard not to think too deeply about anything lest I break into tears. And the worst part is that I am at work. I was sitting in my office thinking about how joyless my state of being is and I […]



Welcome to #TREATSOFTUESDAY! I’m always writing about makeup and beauty products, but sometimes looking your best is all down to your lifestyle and daily routine. Not getting enough shut-eye at night can be a real beauty burden, not to mention a general life hindrance. Recently, I’ve not been sleeping well. You’d think it’s because I have […]