The Paths We Choose

When I was 18, and knew everything, I sometimes followed a path I knew was a dead end, but I did it anyway. I justified the choice by reasoning I was smart enough to change it when the time comes, and I’ll know when the time is right. What I didn’t realize is how I […]

Life, it’s a mother….well you get it.

In a day of the life of let downs after letdowns. The one moment that actually goes your way for once is like winning the lottery! Not only do I have to live everyday of my life in tremendous amounts of pain, but I also have some of the WORST luck! And I’m not talking […]

Mental Health- More Than A Diagnosis

I wouldn’t normally post something to do with this as its very personal. But this is something I have to deal with. I was diagnosed with Dysthymia last year. This wasn’t something I was prepared for; maybe I should have been as I had been to enough doctors and had enough counselling to work out […]

In the Name of Healing: Cheesburgers

When it first got sober I was told, by the staff facilitating my recovery program, that I would quickly replace the activity of and the pleasure I received from drinking and drugging with something else. They went on to say that sometimes people replace one addiction with another. Sometimes people replace one unhealthy activity with […]