A letter I never sent

Hi all, I thought I would share one of those famous “letters you should write even if you ever send them” letters. The ones counsellors and therapy sites tell you you will find therapeutic. I did. Although sometimes I really wish I had the balls to just send it. The reality is, instead of the […]


The Lemon: Heroin

How on earth can ANY good be found with Heroin? “Drug overdoses are now more deadly than car accidents and guns in this country” (David Muir, 20/20, 2016). And most of those are from heroin. How can there be anything even slightly positive in that? The truth is  there is no lemon to be found […]


An Open Letter to My Drug Addicted Mother

When I was a child, like many other children, I learned that drugs are wrong. They are not something to be played with. They ruin lives. That notion has stuck with me, unwavering, in my 25 years of life. I know that belief is embedded in my mind. My problem lies within the fact that […]


Queen of Nothing

I barely remember how the hues of December cast sepia waves through her hair. Those words she first uttered: out here there be monsters, seemed a plea, not a thing to beware. A quick realisation: she sailed a maelstrom mainlining a vein named despair. Lost within dreams of heroine queens, I drew heart-shaped clouds in […]


Eat your heart out Jenny Craig, I lost 50 lbs. eating candy!

There are many obscure and terrible side-effects of heroin use.  If you’ve read my ‘Being dope rich’ post, you will understand the necessity of a junkie maintaining a small overhead beyond the cash spent on drugs.  So one of the strange, yet helpful, side effects of being a junkie is the change in diet and […]


Feedback: Opiate Blocker Shows Promise In Helping Addicts

Story Published: Jan 21, 2016 at 5:24 PM EST Story Updated: Jan 22, 2016 at 11:51 AM EST A dozen people in Jefferson County died from heroin overdoses last year. Some studies show very promising signs of Vivitrol helping addiction victims, but experts say this drug isn’t the only tool recovering addicts need. […]


Some days are just plain shitty.

Something I haven’t mentioned thus far, is that my boyfriend has been unemployed for a while.  His pay accounted for about 2/3rds of our income.  So, now that all the squirrel funds are drained, it’s very tough to keep everything paid for and very scary to not have some emergency cash if something goes wrong.  […]