Look a Little Closer

Life is messy. Life is complicated. Life is beautiful. The past few months of my life have been all of the above. I mean truthfully my whole life has been all of the above – but I’m going to focus on the last few months in particular. After being through so many tough times throughout […]


Toxic echoes

There are few words to summarise the rage, sadness and disappointment I’ve been feeling over the last few days. Lately I’ve had some more level weeks; less self-harm, fewer urges to drink, I’ve even made tentative plans for the future. An email exchange with my mum sent me spinning off course before the weekend. After […]


Did you fail….or did we?

Seeing her in that coffin, broken. They said I can’t touch her, because she’s broken and that they couldn’t fix her. I can’t kiss her, I can hardly even see her  through the tears streaming down my face…I struggle to breath. I feel light headed, I can’t control the shaking, I hear roaring in my […]


Its like giving up but still functioning

It’s like falling down a dark narrow space and you’ve been falling for years but you never land. Its like screaming trying to scream when you’re having a bad dream but nothing comes out. It’s like crying but all people hear is laughing. It’s like falling asleep in the middle of the day not because […]