A.B.C Drugs

Growing up in Arizona during the 80’s was probably no different than growing up anywhere else.  We didn’t lock our doors, played the best music on our boom boxes and weren’t afraid to wander the streets and alleys late at night. In High School we did our share of ditching school, sneaking out of the […]


Blood drained heart ♥

Crying won’t fix anything. Killing won’t fix anything. Dying won’t fix anything. Love won’t fox anything. I often wonder if I’m supposed to be this messed up girl from out of town. All my life I’w never fit in any where. But with alcohol or drugs I feel complete, like I belong in this world. […]


The Precipice

‘It’s like a waterfall,’ she thought, ‘there’s something in that. The innocuous shallow running water at the top, round a bend, just far enough away that you can’t see the drop, can’t hear the crashing water. Shallow enough that you might step in. Might enjoy yourself. Might enjoy yourself. Then what? Maybe you get out, put […]


The damage done by childhood abuse — and new insights into recovery

By G. Wayne Miller Journal Staff Writer Posted Jan. 16, 2016 at 10:15 pm Updated Jan 16, 2016 at 10:32 PM A landmark study of the lasting and destructive effects of childhood trauma provides guidance with the potential to significantly improve the well-being of untold millions of people who have been, or will be, abused, […]


Where’s the drugs when you need ’em?

I had that job interview this morning…. It actually went pretty well. Ahead of time, the manager, we’ll call him Bob… informed me that the interview would take about 30 to 45 min. We talked for almost two hours. He did say he goes off on tangents, but I still take it as a good […]


There is No Secret to Overcoming Drug Addiction

The fight against drug addiction can be won. But there is no secret method that can make it vanish in an instant. What it takes to overcome a substance abuse problem is simple and straightforward. To stay clean and sober you must create a new state of mind. You must adopt a better way of […]


“Falling in and out of love with an addict”

I’ve been sat here pondering what I’m going to post about, stuck for words and ideas. Then my Spotify playlist starts playing “The Verve- Drug’s Don’t Work”, I love that song it has so many memories and feelings attached to it. So that’s when I decided to post about my experience of loving an addict. […]