Cellos Can Be Violins In Dreams

Music- Whatever The Radio Happens To Be Playing I Took A Pill in Ibiza (Seeb Remix) – Mike Posner Stressed Out – twenty one pilots (Yes. I know. It is actually beginning to get tiring!) God, I changed the station and guess what was playing? Stressed Out – twenty one pilots Thinking Out Loud – […]


Not Lost

There are no words, only particles of faith that slip between my fingers as the wind blows against my window. There are no giddy heights to fall from. No sentiments that can ease a bruised soul. There is, however, a sense of beauty that few these days seem to be in possession of. How […]



Welcome to #TREATSOFTUESDAY! I’m always writing about makeup and beauty products, but sometimes looking your best is all down to your lifestyle and daily routine. Not getting enough shut-eye at night can be a real beauty burden, not to mention a general life hindrance. Recently, I’ve not been sleeping well. You’d think it’s because I have […]


Sleep Deep if you Dare

Sleep deep Sleep light Lucky you if you sleep tight Sleep long Deep sleep Eyes closed yet you still weep Eyes open Brain awake Each breath breathed a life at stake Eyes closed Brain aches It seems like an hour each second takes Tweaked bedclothes Twisting dreams When are you awake? Never, it seems © Kait […]