A letter I never sent

Hi all, I thought I would share one of those famous “letters you should write even if you ever send them” letters. The ones counsellors and therapy sites tell you you will find therapeutic. I did. Although sometimes I really wish I had the balls to just send it. The reality is, instead of the […]


codependency and alcoholism – parallel diseases

Someone posted this on the Sober Recovery message board. It is 1000% true and something that I finally realized. Maybe if you try and think of codependency and alcoholism as similar problems, then you can understand why it is just as hard to get rid of someone you love no matter how much of a […]


How to love an addict

I come from a long line of addicts. Most of whom don’t believe they’re addicts. I am the weird one; the outcast; the goody two-shoes; the judgmental one. It’s incredibly hard loving an addict. You want to so badly to fix them; you want them to see how they are hurting themselves and others; you see the […]