Fighting for Sanity

Photo taken by contributor Jaeda DeWalt, a conceptual self-portrait artist in her forties from Seattle, Washington. Jaeda’s battles with mental illness hearken back to her earliest memories, at age 4, when she became obsessed with the number four and performed exhaustive rituals in patterns of four. She struggled with her mental health throughout her childhood and teen years until her late twenties when […]

Up early

I’m still up. 1:45AM. It’s a classic sleepless night before an early morning. My thought patterns are awful and I just want to sleep. Everything is loud in my head. I need to stop thinking.  The noisy ac unit. The tireless helicopter looking for more poor people to fine and imprison. The bones of a ceiling […]

Life from a slightly disturbed mind’s perspective

This is my first post. I would like to excuse myself for any grammatical error you may find here; English is not my first language. I hope that my story can help others cope with their situations.     Bipolar diaries: Life from a slightly disturbed mind’s perspective. By: Anonymous   I was first diagnosed […]

Postpartum Depression and Other Postpartum Issues

You are not alone. It is not your fault. There are treatments that can help you feel better. Talk to your doctor so you can start feeling like yourself again.   What you should know, the basics- “Depression during and after pregnancy occur more often than most people realize. Depression is considered a postpartum illness […]

Worth it or Not?

I’m starting to learn about having Bipolar. I’m starting to recognize the episodes I’ve had throughout my life that have occurred since I was a teen. I am learning and finally understanding what mania is and how to identify it in myself. I have been blindsided and taken out by bipolar depression, many times in […]