Where To Belong

From a very early age I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I would often hide at Holidays or family gatherings. I didn’t know how to make conversation without the feeling I would be laughed at. As a twin I sometimes felt that I wasn’t meant to be. I thought my sister was the one […]


Emotional Numbing

Emotional Numbing I was talking with my therapist today about being numb. Seems that since I went up on my mood stabilizer, my writing has been affected, and not in a good way. I feel numb and its hindering my writing abilities. I only write “good” writing when I feel strong emotion. I know it’s […]


Worth it or Not?

I’m starting to learn about having Bipolar. I’m starting to recognize the episodes I’ve had throughout my life that have occurred since I was a teen. I am learning and finally understanding what mania is and how to identify it in myself. I have been blindsided and taken out by bipolar depression, many times in […]


Treating Bipolar Disorder Without Medication

This article appeared on a new site I found Science20.com discussing Bipolar Disorder.  The words ‘Lithium’, ‘weight gain’ and ‘olanzapine’ are mentioned which are all too familiar to me. Bipolar disorder is a diagnosis given to people who experience periods of intense low mood but also periods of elation and increased energy which can lead […]