Have Anxiety? Avoid Sugar. Here’s Why.

Sugar… it’s not great for your mental health. Obviously, there are good sugars (those you find in fruits, etc.), but there is lots of bad sugar (sugar added to our foods, found in our beverages, and our “treats”). So, let me talk briefly about my recent experience with sugar. A month or so ago, my […]


Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder is an anxiety disorder which is also called as social phobia, where a person fears of any social situation. The fear is so excessive and unreasonable that they cannot control themselves at all. They have a fear of being closely watched, judged and commented by others. They are so self-conscious that they […]


What A Panic Attack Feels Like.

Suddenly every little sound around you seems to have intensified by several decibels and your thoughts become jumbled all together. The sound of small groups of friends talking in their own conversations, The sound of the wind blowing into your room through the open window, The sound of your neighbors children laughing as they happily […]