Feedback: Opiate Blocker Shows Promise In Helping Addicts

Story Published: Jan 21, 2016 at 5:24 PM EST Story Updated: Jan 22, 2016 at 11:51 AM EST A dozen people in Jefferson County died from heroin overdoses last year. Some studies show very promising signs of Vivitrol helping addiction victims, but experts say this drug isn’t the only tool recovering addicts need. […]

“Falling in and out of love with an addict”

I’ve been sat here pondering what I’m going to post about, stuck for words and ideas. Then my Spotify playlist starts playing “The Verve- Drug’s Don’t Work”, I love that song it has so many memories and feelings attached to it. So that’s when I decided to post about my experience of loving an addict. […]

Does Subutex Get You High?

Subutex is a drug that treats opiate addiction. It’s usually prescribed to addicts who’re recovering and suffer from depression and cravings that compel them to relapse. For such people, the drug is vital in managing the withdrawal symptoms. The drug’s main active ingredient is buprenorphine. This is a medication which prevents withdrawal symptoms and cravings. […]

Saying NO to the Addict you Love

You try to make plans because that’s how you are: responsible. You try to get it all figured out because you are intelligent and optimistic and believe that if you are determined enough and strong enough and have enough integrity and set the right example and do everything the very best that you can, […]