Fight on!

I wish I could say that the road to recovery was much easier and quicker than it truly is. Were I to say that, I would be lying not only to you, but also myself, addiction doesn’t happen overnight and neither do its solutions. If you are addicted, you already know this. What I desire to do […]

Apps for Mental Health

One of the major themes of our Big Read selection, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers, is mental health – mental illness and addiction included. In keeping with programming addressing these topics this month, we thought some apps to keep you mentally on track might be helpful. Apps listed below are available for free […]

How can I heal my OCD and finally get the peace I want so badly?

What does the obsessive mind seek so desperately and so intensely? Certainty. The OCD mind desires to find something that is unchanging, consistent, and completely reliable; which will then clear all doubts forever. The very nature of form is that it is in a constant state of flux; as the body is decaying and thoughts […]

Finding Passion and Purpose Through Pain and Confusion

Today is Black Balloon Day 2016 . A day that was created to remember those who passed from drug overdose deaths this past year, as well as to bring awareness to the drug epidemic. I am grateful as of this day, I have not lost any loved ones to a drug overdose, however I have many […]