Functionality Isn’t Easy

If you have a short attention span, first of all welcome to group. There are quite a few of us, and you kind of arrived a little late, but help yourself to what’s left of the potluck table. Oh, you don’t like chocolate? Well you can get the fuck out. Anyway, as I was saying, […]

Cellos Can Be Violins In Dreams

Music- Whatever The Radio Happens To Be Playing I Took A Pill in Ibiza (Seeb Remix) – Mike Posner Stressed Out – twenty one pilots (Yes. I know. It is actually beginning to get tiring!) God, I changed the station and guess what was playing? Stressed Out – twenty one pilots Thinking Out Loud – […]

close your eyes.

Sharp slivers of words built up  From years of staying silent  Fill my mouth but stay trapped.  My hands are dirty  My knees scraped  By the brush I’ve been running through  Because the things that make other things  Go bump in the night  Chase after me and it’s still early.  “Come here, pretty one,”  They […]

Dealing With BiPolar Depression

In It When your in the midst of mania, Life becomes a dream, The madness takes over Your amped, Thoughts racing, Reality long lost its subtle grip on the space between your ears, That space once known as your mind Your friends question your sanity, You honestly wish you could be you, Just for a […]