Yellow Cracked Walls

These yellow cracked walls  have been my  Home for many moons.  In this time,  I have come to understand their purpose  to be far more than  primitive to shelter.  These yellow cracked walls  beguil their inmates:  their will to hope falling  through the sieve of despair  like fine sand.  These yellow cracked walls  benefit their […]

Starting age of marijuana use may have long-term effects on brain development

The age at which an adolescent begins using marijuana may affect typical brain development, according to researchers at the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas. In a paper recently published, scientists describe how marijuana use, and the age at which use is initiated, may adversely alter brain structures that underlie higher order […]

How to love an addict

I come from a long line of addicts. Most of whom don’t believe they’re addicts. I am the weird one; the outcast; the goody two-shoes; the judgmental one. It’s incredibly hard loving an addict. You want to so badly to fix them; you want them to see how they are hurting themselves and others; you see the […]