Welcome to #TREATSOFTUESDAY! I’m always writing about makeup and beauty products, but sometimes looking your best is all down to your lifestyle and daily routine. Not getting enough shut-eye at night can be a real beauty burden, not to mention a general life hindrance. Recently, I’ve not been sleeping well. You’d think it’s because I have […]

Introvert Truths

There is no such thing as too much alone time. Dim lights are comforting, get over it. No, I don’t need more light in here. Noise is the enemy. Not even necessarily loud ones, but quieter, persistent ones. Like people’s voices. People are not evil. They don’t actually mean to hurt me or encroach on […]

Mental Health- More Than A Diagnosis

I wouldn’t normally post something to do with this as its very personal. But this is something I have to deal with. I was diagnosed with Dysthymia last year. This wasn’t something I was prepared for; maybe I should have been as I had been to enough doctors and had enough counselling to work out […]

Reasons To Stay Alive – Book Review

Hey! In today’s post I’m going to talk about the book ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig. I read this book in three days and it is honestly amazing. It is a true story of Matt Haig’s experiences with depression and anxiety. His book seeks to give people hope and lessen the stigma of […]