Losing Your Mother to Mental Illness

This piece, titled “Losing Your Mother to Mental Illness”, comes from the incredibly brave Ariana Hegarty, who reflects upon her mother’s bipolar disorder. I’ll never forget our shopping sprees and laughing until our stomachs hurt in the dressing room when something I thought was adorable, looked ridiculous. But as the years go on, the good memories fade […]


Is this neurotoxin in your diet?

Do you experience headaches, depression, irritability, anxiety, confusion, or memory loss frequently or occasionally? If so, is aspartame in your diet? Aspartame, one of five FDA approved artificial sweeteners, is an ingredient that is in more than 6,000 products on the grocery store shelf. People have access to it all over the world (aspartame.org). Aspartame is usually present in […]


The upside of anxiety

I recently came across an article that suggests that anxiety isn’t all that bad. It definitely feels bad, but it could mean greater (verbal) intelligence. Here is the abstract from from ‘Intelligence and emotional disorders: Is the worrying and ruminating mind a more intelligent mind?‘ by Penney, Miedema, and Mazmanian: Previous research has shown that anxiety […]



What is Agoraphobia? Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder which is characterised by the fear of having an anxiety attack in a setting from which you cannot escape. The literal translation from the Greek words it is derived from means “fear of the marketplace”. A person who is diagnosed with agoraphobia will avoid settings in which […]


wide wide world

just one of those ready-to-scream moments when there’s nothing left inside but frustration and anger except you’re stuck inside there the open door may as well be barred and force-field guarded because it’s not the fresh air that keeps you in it’s those others inside with you those who whisper sweet pleas as they swallow […]


Running to Stand Still

I’m exhausted.  I haven’t really done anything but I’m exhausted.  Merely existing wears me out.  I’m done, empty, finished.  Nothing left to give.  The well has run dry.  I have been sick for so long now I don’t even remember what it feels like to feel well.  To even just feel ok.  Every day.  From […]


Wait for it, now that psychiatry has exhausted big pharma, time to turn to the man on the street…

I read earlier today at 1boringoldman.com, this post: pipe dreams… Just amazing and hideous simultaneously how psychiatrists think they can just casually turn to illicit substances as the next wave of psychopharmacology to soothe the souls of humanity.  I’ve used the reference of “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” prior, so won’t […]