The Truth About Depression

Depression told me many lies. First, it told me that I did not have depression. It convinced me that I was not truly in pain, I was just seeking attention. It made me believe that I was a terrible person for being so sad. After all, so many people have it worse. What right did […]

Depression – The 14 million strong elephant in the room

So originally, I meant for this to be a short Facebook quip.  But the more I started typing, the more I realized I couldn’t express my feelings in anything less than multiple paragraphs.  So here we go… Listening to On-Point on the way home today, the subject was the new recommendations by the U.S. Preventive […]

you so crazy…

Yesterday I tried to update my Facebook status and say what I want to say about my mental “health” and “illness” in a quick #BellLetTalk sound byte, but I couldn’t do it. Because ultimately, I want to talk about what happens when we put matters of thinking and feeling on a health and illness spectrum. Health has come to symbolize a […]

Where’s the drugs when you need ’em?

I had that job interview this morning…. It actually went pretty well. Ahead of time, the manager, we’ll call him Bob… informed me that the interview would take about 30 to 45 min. We talked for almost two hours. He did say he goes off on tangents, but I still take it as a good […]