Worth it or Not?

I’m starting to learn about having Bipolar. I’m starting to recognize the episodes I’ve had throughout my life that have occurred since I was a teen. I am learning and finally understanding what mania is and how to identify it in myself. I have been blindsided and taken out by bipolar depression, many times in […]


Poster-child for bipolar

I met with my psychiatrist, aka my drug dealer, today. I don’t mean to make light of mental illness — most of us who have mental illness(es) need medication, so it’s not that I am dissing prescription drugs. But I have been cynical and angry in the past about having to take medication. That is starting […]


Raw emotions and questions

To those who suffer from depression and self harm: I find I can push my emotions off for a good amount of time and channel the numbness. I’m a bit too good at it, even dissociating. I have the most difficult time with emotions after my therapy sessions, I have a hard enough time going […]