Mental health or mental torture ? I do often wonder as do I’m sure many others do too. You see there are times which if being honest it’s actually a daily occurrence when these demons push you to your limit of border line insanity. For those who may read this who have no or very little understanding of what it may be like to battle a mental illness on a daily basis let me just talk you through the recipe. its like getting a bowl and putting in the ingredients which consist of fear, pain, anguish, pain, frustration, anger, sadness, loneliness, tiredness, worthlessness, hopelessness, then give it a quick mix and add the rituals, uncertainty, obsessiveness, panic, a few squeezes of the good old fight or flight response and a touch of borderline insanity and mix it all together and bake. Then hey presto the cake is ready to eat. Some then coat it in insanity but personally it depends what mood I’m in that day weather i add that topping or not, this is the mouth watering mind bending cake we eat on a daily basis, morning noon and night. Are you sure I can’t offer you a piece you get used the feelings after a while, well kind of, if it doesn’t choke you or make you gag from time to time aswell that is. it’s very addictive. Oh and I almost forgot to say you don’t even have to pay for these cakes, surprised are you ? yes i know I was too, you see all the ingredients are free and better still you don’t even have to go out to get the items either because they all exist in you. You look like you’ve got a dry mouth would you like me to get you a drink !!!
By Brett Pomfrey