I think in the light of it all, and I truly believe that this is just silly, but is it ? Is it not irritating, tiresome and demoralising ? That mithering voice that only brings us bad news if we don’t do as directed. The waves of frustration that you feel as you return to a light switch to make sure that you have turned it off, but not just once or twice or even ten times, but constantly until the voice is satisfied that the light is truly switched off. You see the insanity of it is that you know when a light is off because the room goes darker, But oh no the voice isn’t convinced yet. But what would happen though if you don’t do as requested and switch the light on and off again ? Nothing would happen apparently as some people would say. But the voice would have you believe that something terrible will happen to you or a loved one and boy we would hate it if that happened, so we obey the voice to prevent anything bad from happening, you see ive been doing it for that long now habitually to safeguard myself and my loved ones from danger that it has now become a ritual that I undertake even on auto pilot because I’ve sat in the voices classroom for far too long and become conditioned to obey it to protect what matters. Sound familiar ?? BUT and I emphasise this that if you was to truly ask yourself this question and answer honestly. What would the voice have you believe that would actualy happen if you decided to disagree with it and ignore it’s repetitive requests to switch the light on and off again ?? When you’ve got your answer that you have answered as honestly as possible, write it down and read it back to yourself logically 50 times or more. Now ask yourself would this really actualy happen if I didn’t obey. What evidence have I got that something will happen ? I’m no genius but I would hazard a guess that there probably wouldn’t be any. You see the odds are stacked against the voice if the truth be known, because ask yourself this has anything happened to someone you know or there family because they only switched the light off once ? Probably not. Easier said than done though, I can pretty much categorically agree with that because I’ve lived it and still do. The key is to condition the mind to silence the voice. You’ve got the evidence now put forward your case and try to ignore the voice no matter how uncomfortable that it becomes. Them feelings won’t last for ever and eventualy the voice will give up and eventualy subside and you will free yourself from the voice. Case dismissed..objection your honour !!!
By Brett Pomfrey

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