Relapse is a very dangerous time if it occurs while in recovery. Because not all addicts get the chance to return to sobriety and quiet a few sadly die while back out in the madness of substance or drug misuse. As blunt as it may sound, it is the harsh reality of addiction. Ones too many and a thousand is never enough. If you find yourself put in a dangerous position of relapse this is the time that you need to up your game. Cravings and feelings don’t last that long and will soon pass, so you need to use the tools that you’ve learnt while in recovery and start to put them in to action. One of the main ones is to pick up the phone and talk to another addict or even a sponsor if you have one, or any alcohol or drug telephone line for that matter of even Samaritans. You will be surprised at how powerful even a short conversation with a like minded person will have, it gives you that time to get out of your own head and share them problems with another and share with them what’s going on for you. Don’t ponder or fester on it if your struggling, addiction takes no prisoners and can soon have your head over. So H.A.L.T which I’m sure most of you are aware of the phrase and just pick up the phone or get yourself to a meeting. Experience States that the meetings that you are undecided about going to or can’t be bothered going to, while your sat at home full of self pity and magical thinking end up being the meetings that you identify with most and pick you back up out of that pity pot, Have strength and hope and remember WE DO RECOVER !!!

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