Treatment for Heroin Addiction

At present, an estimated 13.5 million people are using opiates, this includes the 9.2 million who have selected heroin as their drug of choice. Currently, four out of every five drug related deaths are from heroin. The Physical Effects of Heroin Use Heroin affects the body in many different ways. Because of frequent injections, veins […]

There is No Secret to Overcoming Drug Addiction

The fight against drug addiction can be won. But there is no secret method that can make it vanish in an instant. What it takes to overcome a substance abuse problem is simple and straightforward. To stay clean and sober you must create a new state of mind. You must adopt a better way of […]

Why cocaine is so addictive?

Cocaine is a stimulant, so it creates a great psychological dependence. Any person who use the drug for the first time won’t be able to use the same amount next time, that kind of impact cocaine leave on an individual mind. Cocaine was started as a pain killer but gradually it become an addictive drug […]

Response to HuffPost Marc Lewis Interview on Addiction


So the Huffington Post runs a sub-blog on Addiction and Recovery and sometimes they present excellent reporting (for example, the piece on opioid addiction by Jason Cherkis who actually interviewed my boss, Dr. Mary Jeanne Kreek, for the article). But more often than not, they present quite variable reporting on addiction.  A recent interview with […]

“Addicts Deserve Alternatives To Prison”: Misguided War On Drugs Has Left Many Victims With Scars

Earlier this month, five Republican presidential contenders addressed a New Hampshire forum concerned with a crisis swamping certain regions of the country, including New England: heroin addiction. The candidates spoke passionately, some sharing personal experiences, according to news reports. Jeb Bush spoke of his family’s turmoil as his daughter Noelle, now 38 and in recovery, […]