Shattered dreams and a million hopes. Maybe just maybe one day I will have my time. To wander freely amongst society reveling in the joyous crowds, With my head held high and my pride intact I can finally look at life in the eyes. For now I’m not a prisoner that I so painfully once was, dreaming of the good times instead of all the pain. It’s me you see I’m here I’ve arrived, not suited and booted with a collar so tight, but bright and smart ready for this fresh start. To take responsibility for my actions once more and lead by example for those who still suffer. Lend out a hand and offer your support as someone once did for ones self. Don’t be afraid by the blinding light of life just ride it like a roller coaster as hard as you might. But this time hold on and don’t fall off for the ride will encounter stumbles along the way. It’s life you see it’s not all plain to see but by keeping it simple and resisting the tiple your life will get better and your spirit will grow.
By Brett Pomfrey


The struggle of survival admidst these sleepless nights of carnage, where the night becomes the day and the day becomes the night, a far cry from reality is the sentence, as I’m in-prisoned by my mind and the constant battle between thoughts that race through my head at a speed of knots. The OCD intensifies as it grabs a hold of my attention as I try to escape from the racing thoughts of chaos if only for a moment as if to catch my breath returning to the surface from a deep lagoon of water, they become relentless, not even passing or letting up if only for a moment the tortured thoughts send me to the brink of insanity, where i just crumble to my knees with my head in my hands just wishing away this pain and anguish that just adds to the fear of fear that I already carry with me every minute of every day, I start to question what is this I’m in, a nightmare of frustration and anger I’m trapped In, that I see no escape from, there ain’t no light at the end of my tunnel at times is merely but an illusion of hope to try to reduce the pain of suffering from this tortured mind of insanity.