Be under no illusion that its going be easy because its not but I can promise you this, it does get easier.  I say this from experience you need to have the tools in your locker ready for the testing times which will come along. You’ve got to still accept that it is real life and dramas and dilemmas are going to happen all the way throughout your recovery and life after. But its about being prepared and how to deal with the thoughts and feelings which will tempt you into deviating from your recovery and make it seem logical to pick the substance back up, to seemingly give you that short term quick fix. But if you’re prepared and you deal with what ever comes your way with the tools and knowledge you’ve gained in recovery you can have confidence in yourself that you will be able to step up to the mark when those times arise, and continue to build the better life that you have started to lead.  Don’t be tricked and let your mind have you over, keep it simple and it does get better, miles bette I promise you of that. One of the worst is rejection that is a real powerful one but you’ve got to learn to be able to take things on the chin sometimes in life. Because oh woo is me doesn’t work believe me I’ve tried it several times. You’ve got to stand toe to toe and accept life on life’s terms. It wont just mysteriously disappear and go away like magic with the action of having a drink or a drug. That doesn’t work either. We all know that more than anyone; It’s that quick fix to destruction. Talk about it, talking is probably the best medicine ever invented and to top it all its free. Tell someone what its like for you at the minute; whats going on, two minds are better than one. And considering we always seem to know in our selfish ways that we know best. But if that was true then surely if we really did know best we wouldn’t be in addiction in the first place would we.?  The same goes for not beating yourself up either. Of how, what, when and why we ended up like this in addiction. Just accept it and think of it as another chance, another shot at life. Because unfortunately the reality is you’re here with this chance and theres others that don’t even get this chance and are taken from us by the poison we once called our drug of choice. Thinking about the hows and whys never got anybody clean and sober. But thinking about the solution sure did. I’m proof right here. It can be done you just need to focus on whats right and be rational with your thinking. It’s no good someone telling you your not going to run things through your head a lot, because you are, naturally its the way the mind works and while we are in recovery we are vulnerable so we need to be aware of our thoughts and rationalise them in a realistic manner. If something is bothering you speak to someone, tell them. Share your issue, hear somebody else’s opinion. You will be surprised at the amount of times you will think back to yourself after having a chat and think yes they were right I was wrong or oh yes thats right. Its because with thought at length living in our own minds and heads. The mind can play tricks on us and sometimes convince us of answers and outcomes in our own head no matter how crazy or irrational the thoughts are. Thats why speaking with someone especially a like minded person or a drug and alcohol worker or even a councillor.  And after a period of time you’ll find that you start to be able to rationalise these thoughts yourself with the tools you have been given by the knowledge and experience you’ve learnt. And like I said earlier it does get easier. It won’t happen over night and you will have to put the action in and be open and willing to change your life around by doing what is suggested. But the outcome and rewards of that better way of life at the end of it will be worth it trust me. I’ve done it and i love it and every one of you can have it. You’ve just got to want it. And like me if you do, you will reach out and ask for help. Don’t be ashamed or embaresed  because it’s ok. The first step in recovery is the biggest by far. By holding your hand up and admitting to yourself that you have got a problem and you need some help. Because that is the ego broken instantly and being open for experienced people who have been there to show you the way and help you every step of the way through your recovery journey so we can succeed in getting that better life that you so deserve and long for together.

By Brett Pomfrey



  1. Binki · April 27, 2015

    Love this post, thank you so much xxx

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  2. Binki · April 27, 2015

    Reblogged this on sober women awareness network (swan) and commented:
    Fantastic post xxx

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  3. Patti · April 28, 2015

    Oh gosh this is very good stuff! We ALL do have it in us and the hardest thing to do is not take that first drink when our egos are crushed. I had to think about all that bad stuff I went through to get to the good part. And, damn if it isn’t a great part now!

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  4. JFigg · June 6, 2015

    Thanks for this.

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