What Is Depression

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Depression is the feeling of hopelessness like nothing can save you is like being sucked in to a black hole and on top of that you have anxiety when your mind just wont shut up about the bad things or how good the past was and the present sucks its like being sad on steroids with a voice in your head telling you how worthless you are and at some point you don’t even feel comfortable in your own skin and you wish you could just jump out it feels as if everyone is against you even life just when things start getting better they get 10x worse and when some people have a support group like family friends or other for me that’s just not the case i have a boyfriend and crazy in-laws who could honestly not give a shit if i was upset granted my boyfriend is…

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Silence was his happiness


He wore his confidence as if it was a mask. One would be required to share his mind to truly empathise with him, for his disguise was all that was known to others.

Spending his days vigorously dancing and his nights silently breaking, his public persona was an evident opposite of his internal suffering.

However he eventually found his happiness among the pages of books; his costume was finally torn off. His mind and heart were presented with the ultimate escape- silence. However, with silence came worried peers and concerned teachers; with silence came long overdue help.

It is here that we realise our mistake as the human race- Assumptions. Assumptions are nothing but twisted and uneducated guesses to satisfy curiosity yet they hold the ability to cause incredible damage.

They assumed that he was content because he was dancing. They assumed that he was suffering because he was silent…

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Take Care Of Mental Health And Enjoy The Entire Life

V-Care Psychiatry and De-addiction Clinic

Emotional sicknesses are medicinal conditions that upset a man’s reasoning, feeling, temperament, capacity to identify with others, and every day working. Dysfunctional behaviors can influence persons of any age, race, religion, or salary. Emotional instabilities are not the aftereffect of individual shortcoming, absence of character, or poor childhood. Dysfunctional behavior is an ailment simply like a physical disease.

Classifications of determinations in these plans may incorporate mind-set issue, uneasiness issue, crazy issue, dietary issues, formative issue, identity issue, and numerous different classes. Regularly perceived classifications of uneasiness issue incorporate particular fear, Generalized tension issue, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Post-traumatic anxiety issue.

Dysfunctional behaviors can influence persons of any age-youngsters, teenagers, grown-ups, and the elderly-and they can happen in any gang. Relatives can assume a key part in the recognizable proof and treatment of the youngster with a dysfunctional behavior, with relatives themselves frequently requiring help…

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