I dont say this lightly. That addicts put that much work and determination in to getting there fix or drink or drug off choice, that the things that we do in order to get it is what other people would call going above and beyond the call of duty. Now if you use them skills that you have aquired through your addiction and put them to good use in the right channels with the same effort and determination in to your recovery you can and will achieve sobriety and more, and obtain that better life that you have so longed for after being sick and tired of being sick and tired for far to long. You’ve just got to believe theres no OH WO IS ME with the self pitty thoughts and behaviours. Youve got to be willing to change and put the work in, and only then will the skills you acquire assist you in keeping you clean and sober for good. There was never no self pitty thoughts and behaviour in your addiction when you needed to get that fix. No matter how bad the withdrawing tremors of sickness and hallucinations were. You had the capabilities to switch on and concentrate on the task in hand which was to get that fix at all costs. Which we all achieved time and time again. You see its no coinsidence this, that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it and the rewards are massive. So if your a doubter saying im to far gone, I’m finished, i cant be helped or no one can do anything for me. Just stop and remember this. You would do anything to get that fix and achieve it. Turn it on its head and use the same skills and mentality in your recovery and you can achieve this. But i stress this, without you being OPEN, WILLING AND HONEST. You will fall at the first hurdle, you need to be all three of these things in order to achieve your goal, and you will succeed, with the help and guidance of the drug and alcohol services that you have available to you and through the support networks in the fellowships aswell as more importantly other recovering addicts. This can and does work, and believe me when i tell you this, WE DO RECOVER.

By Brett Pomfrey