To go through addiction..

A soul Trapped and inprisoned by the mind and body. Were the poison becomes the temporary cure in a vicious cycle of undeniable pain. Vulnerable and weary you are controlled by this desperation of pain relief to quieten the tremors that you are given on a daily basis by this unbearable thing called ADDICTION.
By Brett Pomfrey


  1. Pamela Spiro Wagner · May 1, 2015

    Check out the wonderful blog at wordpress you won’t regret it, Cortland Pfeffer has both been there, done that, and been a staff member who sees what happens at treatment centers and tells the absolute truth about it, without BS..Be well, and take care. Pam

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  2. Jordan Dodd · May 1, 2015

    The biggest aspect of addiction that I had to deal with was the concept of denial. “No way I’m an addict!” and “One more time can’t hurt” were two of the more regular thoughts.

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  3. GLFrieden · May 1, 2015

    Reblogged this on What's Rattling My Cage and commented:
    This is so true and you have to want it bad enough to get clean and sober! You have to have that unceasing yearning which is what I have!!!

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  4. Jordan Dodd · May 1, 2015

    I agree ^^^ I didn’t get anywhere until I finally was at the point where I hated the lifestyle that came with it and eventually actually hated the ‘high’ after I used, if you could even call opiate-induced intoxication as ‘high’. More like ‘low’ heh

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  5. fightorflights · May 1, 2015

    Denial is a killer and is important to anyone out there who is struggling. That this stuff takes no prisoners and addiction will kill you. You really have got to want it and reach out for help. But be willing to put the work in. Nothing ever worth keeping comes easy. We should know we are addicts we don’t like doing things the easy way. So surrender to yourself and have belief in yourself and believe me when I say this. WE DO RECOVER.


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