Don’t what ever you do lose site of the fact and be come complacent when your guard is down. This stuff doesn’t care it takes life’s from us daily from all walks of life. You can’t mess about with this it’s serious business, protect your sobriety and hold on to it. It’s precious so don’t let it go. If you are struggling or going through difficult times then pick up the phone and speak to a like minded person or even a sponsor or a fellowship help line Half them feelings and share them thoughts. You might not get another chance at life if you fail this time and give your clean time away. You’ve  worked hard for that. Wether it be a day, week, month or even a a year or more hold on to it and pick up that phone you will be glad you did.


By Brett Pomfrey

It’s About Understanding.

Obvi, We're The Ladies


Robin Williams is dead. It’s all anyone can talk about. He sought out preventative help for his alcohol addiction not too long ago, and while there’s no confirmation that alcohol was involved in his death, there’s no question that his depression was. Last year around this time, I was mourning the premature death of Cory Monteith. Three years ago, Amy Winehouse, a woman whose addiction defined her public image and clouded the tragedy that was the loss of her talent.  These individuals were not the first to fall to the depression and addiction, and they won’t be the last.

I’ll never forget when I first learned of Amy Winehouse’s passing.  A tragedy that hit me like a ton of bricks as voices and Facebook statuses exclaimed, “she got what she deserved, she wasted her life.”  All of these people missing the point that she was sick, she was so sick with…

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The Fog

Sweet Tea, Extra Lemon

The last few days I’ve felt as if I am in a fog. Like everything is surreal – I’m just sort of walking through my days not completely tuned in. It’s a really bizarre feeling and I don’t like it at all. I mentioned this feeling to my Twitter Support Group and they all said that it’s not unusual at this point in the process and that it goes away. They explained to me that my body is re-calibrating. I guess years and years of drinking wine every evening tends to screw with a person’s brain chemistry – go figure. Ha. 

I’ve thought many times about how drinking every evening might affect my health – blood pressure, mood, weight etc.. But I hadn’t really thought about what it would be like to experience health, sober. Much less experience emotions. For instance, the other day I had a horrible day. My…

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Anxiety And Alcohol Addiction Withdrawal

Delray Beach Psychiatrist Blog

Alcohol is often used as a way to find temporary relief from painful feelings of anxiety disorder. Psychologically speaking, alcohol seems like the ideal substance because of its intrinsic properties as a depressant (which doesn’t mean it makes you depressed but that it lowers neurotransmission levels in the brain) and because it’s widely available and more or less socially acceptable, unlike many other drugs that are illegal or carry social stigma and other aversive consequences in their wake.

The physiological reason that using alcohol for self-treating anxiety is a bad idea is that you’re always going to pay for it on the back end. Symptoms of withdrawal of all drugs, including alcohol addiction, are diametrically opposed to symptoms of intoxication, your body’s way of trying to regain equilibrium. In other words, you’ll notice that your anxiety skyrockets during the period while you’re hungover.

Many don’t make this connection…

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