I have heard a lot recently about people who have finaly thrown the towel in and surrendered to there addiction for a period of time, and are now questioning them selves and others about weather this is it. Is this all life is now, I’ve got to continue like this with that feeling of uncertainty and confusion of what I do next and where do I go from here. While all the while we are so desperately searching for something, anything in fact that will fulfill that void that we so crave to fill in order to feel complete. The truth of the matter is that this is normal for someone in recovery to think and feel Like. I should know I still go through it now. As I see it we are addicts and as an addict the mind is always chasing that feeling of great satisfaction and more if the truth be known. But that’s just it you see that’s all that we do know or at least we think we do because like most we have all been in our addiction for Such a long period of time, That we have become accustomed to the thoughts and feelings of our substances and that of the picture that they create. Have you ever heard the famous saying. That if you sit in a barbers shop long enough you will get your haircut. Well have you ever thought that the same can be applied to your addiction. The truth is it did and does. It never started out as an addiction and if we admit it openly and if we are COMPLETLEY honest most of us have had some brilliant times throughout our using, but then it ultimately becomes overwhelming pain overtime if your an addict, because we just don’t know when or how to stop, and it becomes a major problem and we are unable to function normaly in everyday life eventualy. Thats because we stayed in the barbers shop for to long and ended up getting our haircut. But now my life’s different because I chose to go to another new hair salon instead called RECOVERY to see what all the fuss was about there. Well as you can guess I sat there for a while and yeah you guessed it. I had my hair done. And today I have a blonde perm and I love it. I never new just how nice it was to have a perm, you see all them years I had had a short back and sides (ADDICTION) that I eventualy believed that that’s all there was. Things are different today though. I mean don’t get me wrong I still do have bad hair days but ultimately all it takes these days is a quick phone call (to another addict) and I’m back under the dryer chatting away in the salon to the other people (fellowships meetings and recovery groups) and before you know it, it’s looking fantastic once more. I love my new hairstyle they call it SOBRIETY by the way, you should try it. And if you’ve already got it and your having a bad hair day then all I can say is PICK THE PHONE UP AND JUST KEEP COMING BACK. You will have it looking fantastic again in no time.

By Brett Pomfrey