This is a must see film for anybody struggling with alcohol addiction or for any one who is close to someone trapped by their addiction. Or anyone in recovery to show the similarities and prove that WE DO RECOVER. After struggling myself through substance misuse and alcohol dependence. I was advised by a mentor at an alcohol and drug detox facility to watch this. And boy was he write, an absaloutley fantastic film and true life story that will show you the power of addiction and then the power of recovery. You can watch this on YOUTUBE or purchase it online at AMAZON or any other online DVD and FILM SHOP, it’s also available on NETFLIX.

    My Name Is Bill W.
    1989 film
  2. 4.6/5ยท
  3. This film reconstructs the true story of stockbroker William Griffith Wilson (James Woods), a World War I veteran whose small drinking problem becomes a serious addiction after he loses his fortune in the stock market collapse of 1929. Wilson’s career and his domestic life are in tatters when he meets Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith (James Garner), also struggling with a drinking problem. The two form a support group that becomes the basis for the organization Alcoholics Anonymous.
  4. Initial releaseApril 30, 1989
  5. Running time100 minutes