Depression is not an addiction or somewhere cosy to hide – it’s a devastating disease that steals time…

Bejaysus and begorrah!!

Hot guy- Jamie Dornan Depression is depressing so I inserted a HOT GUY image instead 🙂 so people wouldn’t run away from the article’s title

This video made me jump for joy – I have had depression since I was 19 . I have had 4 episodes up until today when I am now 33. The first time I felt I was truly in control, in a healthy way and not fearful of its dark return is due to a doctor like him. Instead of being afraid to rather try make peace with the notion that it may well come back to visit but it will be ok. {  ( weirdly if anyone reads my blog post from 2009 I seemed to be on the right path then but lost my way again until now at age 33-}
Dr Nicola Buchan- she knew about my depression history BUT she took the time…

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