ASOLOUTLEY BRILLIANT WRITING BY PETE JACKSON. I can relate to this so much and I think others would to. check it out on BBC IPLAYER OR ITUNES ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Comedy drama by Pete Jackson set in Alcoholics Anonymous and inspired by Jackson’s own road to recovery. Starring Sue Johnston and John Hannah.

The programme follows the lives of five very different recovering alcoholics – set entirely at their weekly meetings. Listeners hear as they get to know each other, learn to hate each other, argue, moan, laugh, fall apart, fall in love and, most importantly, tell their stories.

In this first offering, Fiona, a competitive and snobby ex-banker, tries to come to terms with the fact that she might have more in common with the rest of the group than she’d like to admit.

Writer Pete Jackson is a recovering alcoholic and has spent time with Alcoholics Anonymous. It was there he found, as many people do, support from the unlikeliest group of disparate souls, all banded together due to one common bond. As well as offering the support he needed throughout a difficult time, AA also offered a weekly, sometimes daily, dose of hilarity, upset, heartbreak and friendship.

With Julia Deakin as Marion; Rebecca Front as Fiona; John Hannah as Simon; Sue Johnston as Julie; Paul Kaye as Danno; Eddie Marsan as Andy; and Pete Jackson as Johnny.

Producer/Director Ben Worsfield for a Lucky Giant production

BBC Radio 4