A really good weekly podcast that is well worth a listen for anybody with anxiety and panic disorders or mental health issues, is THE ANXIETY GURU. A fantastic podcast with special guests talking about ways and techniques to combat anxiety and panic disorders.  You can find it on the iTunes podcast for free or you can listen on the website at – http://www.anxietyguru.net


An action reduces a thought.. 
Meaning that after every thought there is an action. So if you are thinking obsessive thoughts you would act physically and improvise taking the thought out of your head and then placing it on the table or floor and then looking at it for a brief moment to acknowledge phycologicaly that it is there on the table where you have placed it in a mindfulness approach.

This is a method that I have come up with along my recovery journey, by listening and learning little bits of information from professional phycologists and councillors aswell as other people in recovery that I have listened and spoken to. and I designed and tested this exercise.  This method I’ve designed actually really does work and I use this method frequently. It could just work for you to. So why not give it a whirl, after all what have you got to lose. You might even be pleasantly surprised.